Out of the Box

by Makers of Sense

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The Music of Makers of Sense conveys stories of human experience and virtual landscapes. It induces exploration and dynamic energy through dancing beats, innovative dialogues, textures, tones and sounds in both the physical and alternate worlds; while creating new realities with and beyond them. It inspires inquisitiveness through a powerful recombination of the genres, styles and cultural motivations of our everyday world. It is a natural soundscape for a concert, dance, club, or a social mixer. Its innovative musical perspective is designed to be approachable by audiences of varying backgrounds.

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DAM Magazine Exclusive Feature Interview


released March 1, 2011

Mastered by Hafod Mastering [UK]

Written, Produced, Recorded & Mixed by the Makers of Sense who are Brother El & labo_labs. This project was overseen by The Beat Bank.



all rights reserved


Makers of Sense Región Metropolitana, Chile

A video is worth 1,000,000 words www.youtube.com/watch?v=MywKJlTtiyI

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Track Name: I know U want me
I Know You Want Me
Lyrics by Lional [Brother El] Freeman

Verse 1
You act you don’t know
I want to take you home
Bang boogie to the boogie
To the bang gone

I’ll spend the time
To blow your mind
Every fantasy
I wanna be

Rejuvenate your love
Just like designer drugs

Touch my hand
As I expand
Up up into a zone
Were we all alone

You scream, I moan
I come 4 you

Adlib "oooows"

I know you want me
I know you feel me
I know you seek me
yeah yeah yeah...

Verse 2
I see you there
looking good
Every move you make
I wanna feel your love

mesmerized by your scent
My heart beats with your opulence

Let me absorb
And taste your passion
I only aim toward satisfaction

Heed these words
I won't repeat
You and I - are supreme freaks

Handle on life
Already broke the chain
It time to shake the word
And do our damn thang

You a big girl now
No time for games
Stand tall and pace (brace) yourself with me

I know you want me
I know you feel me
I know you seek me
yeah yeah yeah...

Adlibs & Music go wild ;)
Track Name: Po boy
Po Boy
written by Lional [Brother El] Freeman


Grey goose makes you stagger
Grey fox stalks his prey

Po boy done lost his way
out here
Trying to get a play

I’m up against the wall
Holding on to my draws

No If Ands or Buts
and Nobody
Wanna hear the cause

I just wanna get away
so that I can finally say

I am man with no stress
And I put that bullshit to rest.

Now, I’ma let the spirit of Muddy Waters
take over

Now these just ain’t words...

The Jiggaboo
The Muthafucker
The Black Nigga
The Cotton Picker

The Vaseline saturated
African booty scratcher

The wet fart having
Ignorant and then some
Cadillac driven, pimp slapping
The shit having for breakfast
The end of the nexus

Feed up on scraps of Rap
Combined to add
With dope Raps
I’m angry, upset confused
News reels about how much I slept and snoozed

Too much propaganda
Jet eye mind trick slander

Put up a post see

Focus on a dot
I give it everything I got!

Chorus: Alternate take (More pain with sprinkles of hope.)

Instrumental: Blessings on out with occasional vocal pieces…